3 Steps to Claiming Your Personal Power

Even though women come from all walks of life with different circumstances and challenges, I believe we all have these things in common; we all want to feel good about ourselves, have a strong mind, and fit body. We want to feel proud, exude confidence, be heard, and most of all know we matter. In essence, we all want to be Empowered Women

So let’s talk about the 3 ways to take control, take charge, and take care of yourself so you can live into your true potential and become the confident, strong, vibrant, empowered woman you were meant to be.

Take Control of Your Mind

Your mindset is your mentality created by a collection of thoughts stemming from the interpretation of events you experienced and the stories you repeatedly heard growing up. Your thoughts set up your belief system about yourself, others, and the world around you. These core beliefs become your reality because you perceive them to be true and they generate actions and behavior patterns, both good and bad.

A positive attitude and results-driven mindset are the very foundation of all successes. It’s very unlikely that any significant goals will be achieved from a self-defeatist or sabotaging mindset.

Letting go of limiting beliefs and creating an empowered mindset will build self-confidence and self-esteem and give you the courage to overcome fear and resistance and take results-driven actions so you can reach your goals and successfully overcome personal challenges.

So, if you feel stuck or try repeatedly to achieve the same goals, the very first step is to uncover and address the negative thoughts and beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts and holding you back from moving forward, and then create a positive mindset that fosters an environment for inevitable success. Learn more about my Life Coaching

Take Care of Your Health

When we think about being healthy, many of us automatically think about the numbers on the scale, our weight usually is the first thing that comes to our mind. While maintaining a healthy weight is important, there is so much more to optimum health, because let’s face it there are many thin people who are very unhealthy.

Being healthy is also about having endurance and the energy to do all the things we love, reducing or eliminating our dependence on dangerous prescription drugs, have flexibility and balance to reduce injury, good muscle tone to keep your metabolism in high gear, it’s about having strong bones to prevent osteoporosis and fractures. It’s about waking up every morning energized and excited to face the day!

In addition to a healthy diet, adequate rest, and reducing stress, a consistent exercise program will provide so many health benefits. And now more than ever there are hundreds of options available to get up, get out, and get active. People always ask me: “What’s the best exercise I can do?” I tell them: “It’s the one you’ll enjoy and will do consistently!”

Learn more about my Health& Wellness Programs

Take Charge of Your Personal Safety

Last year was a shocking year of exposure and upheaval for this country as we witnessed on a massive scale the wide-spread exploitation of women and young girls, and unfortunately it continues to grow as we speak. Violence against women remains one of the most common human rights abuses in the world.

As you hear the constant news of some horrific story of sexual assault or violence against women, at some point, you must have asked yourself “What would I do if that were me and I was faced with a threatening situation, would I be able protect myself?” If you don’t have an immediate and definitive answer, you could be in BIG trouble.

Even though your loved ones want to protect you, they’re not going to be there every hour of every day. There is only one person who will definitely be there in your time of need and that is YOU! Depend on yourself – YOU ARE YOUR OWN BEST DEFENSE!

Don’t wait until something bad happens to do something about it, NOW is the time to be proactive and take responsibility for your own safety and security and you can easily learn personal safety skills at one of my Self-Defense Workshops,  Kickboxing Classes, or  Martial Arts Training

Taking control of my mind, taking care of my health, and taking charge of my personal safety through fitness and martial arts training has changed all areas of my life for the better. And I’m now grateful to have the knowledge, skills, experiences, and opportunity to help other women do the same.