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3 Ways To Learn From Mistakes And Failures

3 Ways To Learn From Mistakes And Failures

We’ve all heard the idea that we can learn from our mistakes and failures, yes probably from me! Yet the frustration and embarrassment we often feel after a screw up can prevent this education or at least put it on hold. A more productive approach is to get rid of the self-judgment and clear the way for transformation instead. Here’s how:

  1. Think about what you did right – Nothing is perfect, and this time things may not have worked out, but it always could have been worse. Accept occasional disappointment or imperfection as part of the growing process. Rather than waging war on your mind, comfort yourself by realizing that others in the same situation might have performed the same or worse then you did. Remember, you are not the only one who has ever made a mistake!
  2. Observe but don’t dwell – Notice when negative thoughts creep into your head. Question the validity of your negative thoughts and then let them go. Start focusing on what you could have done better or differently so the mistake doesn’t happen again.
  3. Practice self-love – After experiencing an undesired outcome, acknowledge that it’s okay to feel and think whatever you’re thinking. Once you accept yourself you can more easily move on. Instead of judging your feelings, which adds insult to injury, understand that they are completely normal. But recognize that they shouldn’t prevent you from trying again, moving forward, or enjoying life.

We all have things in our past we wish we didn’t do, but did you know the biggest regret of the dying is not all the bad things they did do but all the great things they didn’t. Don’t let fear of judgement or embarrassment stand in your way of going after what you really want.

What you perceive as a failure is simply the universe telling you that you are either heading in a direction that is not aligning with your true purpose or there is something in your life that needs to be addressed. So step back and get curious as to why it happened and what it may be telling you. Learning the lessons from past mistakes will not only help you do better the next time you encounter a challenge but also free you mentally so you can joyfully live in the present and focus on creating your desired future.

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