7 Ways to Bring your Best Self to the Table

1.  Be Open and Observant in the Moment

Be aware of and informed but not confined or defined by your past experiences. Be accepting of the moment by engaging in present experiences with curiosity, spontaneity, and flexibility. Do not rush to judge what things mean or get stuck in how they “should” turn out. Be more patient, tolerant and receptive of whatever comes your way, remembering that how we perceive and react to a situation is more important than the actual event. Know that the journey is just as important as the destination so stay immersed and engaged in the here and now.

2.  Be Future Oriented

While it is important to be present and in the moment, it is equally important to have grand visions and ambitions for the future and a plan to make them a reality. Being optimistic works like a magnet and the Universe will conspire to give you what you need when you need it.

3.  Be a Challenge Seeker

Live life in the pursuit of novel challenges. Stretch, express and step out of your comfort zone even if it feels scary. This is how we grow and succeed in amazing ways. Approach challenges with curiosity and learn lessons from difficult situations. This will help you to rise to the demands of any situation and be better prepared and even enjoy the uncertain challenging times during the growth process.

4.  Take Interest in, and Authentically Connect with Others

Simply put, be a people person. Have a deep sense of curiosity and respect for others. Be present and have authentic interactions with people and deep meaningful relationships with friends and family. See each relationship as an opportunity to connect, learn, grow and share. People who the live Vibrant life see their relationships as one of the most important things in their lives.

 5.  Be Self-reliant

Despite the importance of connecting with others, you also need to be independent and resourceful. March to the beat of your own drum and welcome others to join you on your journey but do not allow them to divert you from your path. Do not feel responsible for making everyone around you happy if it means compromising your values. You don’t have to be perfect; just brave enough to chart your own course, confident enough to try new ideas, and strong enough to continue forging forward.

6.  Express Yourself Creatively

Choose projects, causes and opportunities that allow you to be creative and expressive. Do not apologize for your style or perspective but take pride in your boldness and uniqueness.

7.  Make Life Meaningful

Strive to create meaningful moments in your life and achieve worthy goals that tie your passion to you life’s purpose. Look for the significance of events that happen and the people who come into your life. Try to create meaningful memories with others with kind words of love, admiration and appreciation. And most of all….Live life Happy Fit & Healthy!

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