Women's Empowerment Coach

Jumpstart Your Journey

Jumpstart Your Journey Program

This mini-coaching option packs a major punch! It begins with an online Life Transformation Assessment, which will help me uncover specific areas of your life that need attention. During our private 90-minute coaching call we’ll:

  • Dive deeper into these “problem” areas
  • Discover what’s keeping you “stuck”
  • Determine your primary challenges
  • Discuss your current life, your vision for your ideal life, and how to close the gap between the two.

At the end of our meeting, you will be given recommendations and action steps to move you forward towards achieving your goals and creating your ideal life.

This program creates the foundation for personal transformation and starts you on your journey to becoming the empowered woman you are meant to be so you can create the extraordinary life you are meant to live!

This package includes: A comprehensive online Life Transformation Assessment, a 90-minute private coaching session phone call, and a follow-up 20 minute phone session.

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