Coming In August!

                                            “Campus Safety 101”                                         

              A Special Workshop for Parents and Their College-bound Daughters

During the period between September and Thanksgiving freshman females are at the most vulnerable time of their lives for a personal attack, and it’s estimated that one in five females experience violence or sexual assault during their 4 years in college.

This is because for the first time these young girls are on their own, in unfamiliar surroundings. and immersing themselves in a culture that plays by a different set of rules. These ingredients make them extremely vulnerable and they can easily find themselves in unsafe and even life-threatening situations that can ruin their college experience and scar them emotionally for years to come.

That’s why I’ve created this important workshop, to share valuable information on how seemingly harmless college situations can quickly escalate into the danger zone. I’ll show the girls how to take charge of their personal safety by teaching them to stay safe on campus grounds and protect themselves at parties, clubs, and on spring break, I’ll teach them the dangers of alcohol abuse and commonly used date-rape drugs, and the elements of a sexual assault and how to avoid it, and I’ll demonstrate some effective self-defense techniques they can use should they encounter a threatening attack, plus much more. Cost: $65/ticket (1 ticket admits 2 people) – Seating is limited to 16 (8 tickets only!)

Don’t miss this valuable workshop to empower your daughter to protect herself at college and beyond…it could be a life-saver!

Dates & Locations:

Saturday 8/4, 11:30-1:00  Coventry RI:  More info & register HERE

Monday 8/6, 6:30-8:00  N. Kingstown RI: More info & register HERE

Tuesday 8/7, 6:30-8:00  Walpole MA: More info & register  HERE

Monday 8/13, 6:30-8:00 N. Kingstown RI: More info & register HERE