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Be Your Own Bodyguard 6-Week Self-Defense Course

In this 6-WEEK COURSE you will learn valuable safety strategies and simple yet effective self-defense techniques every woman should know, and have the opportunity to practice them a safe and supportive environment.

There will be a different area of self-defense covered each week, such as how to avoid becoming a target, how to defend/attack from a frontal assault or rear attack, how to escape various grabs, pins, and holds, how to successfully block, strike, and kick, and what to do (and not do) if a weapon is involved and SO MUCH MORE…

NOW is the time to EMPOWER YOURSELF to be your own bodyguard so you can PROTECT YOURSELF and your loved ones.

Register soon so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity…SPACE IS LIMITED!

*Even though only one date is listed on the Eventbrite Registration Page, this 6-week course meets every Monday night from 4/15-5/20