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Safety Strategies & Self-Defense Techniques Every Woman Should Know


If you were approached by a threatening person, would you know what to do? If not, you could be in BIG trouble. That’s why I created this great opportunity to teach you how to take charge of your personal safety…because there’s only one person that will definitely be there in your time of need, and that is YOU!!


In this 3-hour workshop I will:

  • provide information about situational awareness
  • teach you the 5 levels of safety threats and what to do (and not do) in each
  • inform you of how to know when you’re in the presence of a predator
  • demonstrate how to effectively strike the most vulnerable areas of the body
  • show you how to escape potentially life-threatening situations such as grabs, pins, and holds
  • and much more…


Don’t Leave Your Safety To Chance! 


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